31st Beartooth Mountain Conference
July 19-21, 2024

Beartooth is the BEST conference in Montana. AA and Al-Anon united together. Spiritual! Great speakers, wonderful fellowship, fun, a great experience! Love it!
-Marilyn D. Missoula, Montana

Beartooth Mountain Conference


Here's what attendees have said about Beartooth Mountain Conference.

The Beartooth Mountain Conference has been a experience of Fellowship, Unity and Service that I was promised when I first began being helped by the great people of A.A. and Al-Anon. It is an amazing event, that leaves me wanting to keep coming back. Thank-You all for your dedication and hard work. See you there in June 2003.
Johnny B.

"Even though 2002 was the first Beartooth I have ever missed - it wasn't cause I wanted to. A previous service commitment in AA. I'd have definately rather have been BT in MT! Matter of fact Bob M. and I (both at the same service conference) kept wondering and asking each another: ("I wonder who they're listening to now" or looking at our watches "they're praying right before lunch now")! I have been fortunate to get to attend lots of meeting and conferences in alot of different places and settings and will say Beartooth is amongst the list of favorite - and I do get to return in 2003! It is like a mini International almost - people from all over!"
Wayne K Spearfish SD.

Such a great time with many good opportunities to get out of yourself and be of service. I loved the unity that it brought to the group. The best conference I have ever attended.
Debbie B. Longmont, CO

Beartooth Mountain Conferance is in a Beautiful location. I look forward to my weekend in the mountains every year. There is lots of fun, fellowship and the speakers are awesome!
Mary W. a greatful member of Al-Anon.

I went to my 1st Beartooth in 1995 only 5 weeks sober. The theme was "and vastly more than that". It certainly has been that for me. What a celebration of recovery!
Bob W. a greatful alcoholic.

It's about acting better than you feel. Displaying enthusiasm when cynicism is more the style you've defined into yourself. Watching a group of sober alcoholics and al anons work together spontaneiously and enthusiastically and humbly. A high percentage of alcoholics becoming sober in small town Montana are not apt to become involved in clean group activities without the Beartooth Conference. I know it is possible to become and stay sober without that kind of exposure, but I can't help but believe the quality of the average sober alcoholics and life and contributions to society is improved by the experience of the Beartooth and its sponsoring groups. Pockets of enthusiasm are sprouting up around the country based upon our need for this sort of experience but only so many cities will have sufficient critical mass to achieve similar experiences by themselves. And even if they can, they will find the experience of the Recovery Group to improve their cohesive right acting in their home areas. I regard the Beartooth Conference as a huge gift from the Recovery Group to itself and all other recovering alcoholics who can avail themselves of it's enthusiasm and clean fun. I can use the help getting over my "cute" self centered cynicism.
Best regards, Lance B., Miles City AA, Maverick Group

The night that Pat Y. spoke and the hail storm came and it was so loud she had to quit talking in the middle of her story is one to remember. The year that Clint H. and a lot of the people attending learned to rappel down the rocks was exciting. The day we saw a bear was pretty cool. Lots of great memories. I could go on and on ... Lots of fun and fellowship was always had. ... The big deal getting everyone together for the group picture. Thats enough from me.
Jill & Jerry

To me Beartooth is the fun filled family re-union that I always wanted from my family. What a great experience.
Joe H.

Hi, I'm John and I am an Alcoholic. I have not had to drink or do drugs since April 1, 1990. In that time I have had the great pleasure of attending the Beartooth Mountain Conference many times. Being from Portland Oregon, some times has made it difficult to make it there, BUT I assure you it is well worth the time to get there. The setting is without a doubt GOD's creation. Speakers, never a dissapointment. Fellowship and enthusiasm, the best I have ever seen. This Conference is a must for me and the people I have been blessed to sponsor.
Yours in Service JOHN B. Portland, OR